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The hottest songs from Alan Walker and other hitmakers that you need to listen to right now.

The hottest songs from Alan Walker and other hitmakers that you need to listen to right now.


Spotify On Stage 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

Where will Spotify On Stage be held?
Spotify On Stage will be held at Centrepoint Studios in Bangkok, Thailand on 20 October 2018.
Who can attend the event?
Everyone above the age of 13 is able to purchase a ticket to attend Spotify On Stage. If you are under the age of 18, please ensure you have your parent or guardian's consent to purchase a ticket.
Is there a minimum age limit to enter the venue?
Yes, you need to be at least 13 years old to enter the venue. Anyone between the ages of 13-15 must be accompanied by an adult. The accompanying adult will also need to purchase a ticket. Any person between the ages of 16-17 years must have the prior permission of a parent or guardian to attend the event, in the form of a written letter of consent containing the parent's name, ID number, note of permission, and signature. Guests are required to have their ticket on their person at all times and must provide their ticket upon request.
What time does the event start?
The show starts at 5.30pm but you can come as early as 1.30pm as there will be fun activities waiting for you!
Can I bring food and drinks inside the venue?
Only food and drinks sold at the event are allowed in the venue, but consumption is strictly limited to outside of the event hall. Alcohol will not be allowed in the venue. Spotify, the venue operator or security may in their absolute discretion confiscate any alcohol found on a person and/or request the removal of that person from the venue.
What cameras or other equipment are prohibited from the event?
Professional cameras, DSLRs, SLRs, laser pointers video and/or audio equipments are prohibited in the venue. Only accredited members of the media, with prior clearance, are permitted to bring and shoot with their professional recording equipment. Having said that, you are permitted to use the camera on your phone and tablet at the event.
Can I bring fan items like lightsticks and placards?
All items must be smaller than an A3 card in length and height. The security team reserves the right to restrict items that can be deemed unsafe.
Will there be lockers available at the venue for me to store my belongings?
There are no lockers available at the venue. You are responsible for your own personal belongings, Spotify will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property. For security purposes, bags may be checked upon entry into the venue.
Can I smoke inside the venue?
No, this is a non-smoking music event.
How early can I enter the venue to secure a spot? I want to be as close as I can be to my favourite artist.
Doors will open at 3.45pm for Spotify Premium users, and 4.30pm for general admission. However, these times may change at Spotify’s sole discretion.
Can I exit and re-enter the venue?
Re-entry is permitted; however, this will be based on the capacity of the venue. Spotify has the right to refuse entry and/or re-entry due to capacity constraints.

Ticketing Info

How can I obtain a ticket?
Using your Spotify account, you will need to register your details at to purchase your ticket.
When can I purchase a ticket?
Public ticket sales begins on 22 September 2018, and will be available for purchase up till the tickets are sold out.
How many tickets can I purchase?
There is a limit of one (1) ticket only for each Spotify account.
If I am not living in Thailand, can I still attend the live music event?
You must be living in Thailand to be able to purchase tickets for the event.
Is there any difference between the tickets for Spotify free users and Spotify Premium users?
Anyone is able to purchase a ticket to attend the event, including non-Spotify users; however, all Spotify users will be able to purchase the ticket at a discounted price. Spotify Premium users will be able to purchase the ticket at a higher discounted rate and will have the opportunity to enjoy early entry to the venue. Our system will automatically verify your account when you log in to the ticketing website. At the event venue, you will need to present to staff your ticket and official valid photo ID for entry.

To upgrade to Spotify Premium, please visit to
Do I need a photo ID to enter the venue?
Yes, you would need to bring valid photo ID with you to enter the venue.
I have purchased a ticket, but now I want to upgrade to Spotify Premium, will I be able to upgrade my ticket as well?
Each Spotify account is eligible to purchase for one (1) ticket only. You will not be able to upgrade your ticket after purchase.
I want to attend the event with a group of friends, will I be able to purchase tickets for all of them at one go (we are all Spotify users)?
Great, the more the merrier! However, each of your friends will have to purchase tickets for the event individually, as they would need to use their Spotify account to get a ticket.
I've come across someone who is selling their ticket, is there anything I should do?
Kindly notify us on or and we will get that sorted. Anyone who is caught selling their ticket will have their ticket revoked immediately.
Will my ticket be replaced if I've lost or misplaced it?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to replace lost tickets.